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Alpha labs

Dapps for advanced degens

Alpha Labs is dedicated to making decentralized applications that provide users with powerful tools. All tools provided will be simple and effective to use. In addition, each user will require $ALAB token in order to access the dApp technology.

CA: 0x2dc43cd73e5cf3ee21a0d34fcfaf711c30f815a9

Official Email : [email protected]

game changing tech

We all know the problems that the everyday degens face, why not solve them with simple and impactful technonolgy? You’re tired being late to the party, spending countless hours finding a good play just for the devs to run off or to get dumped on by the snipers. Checking for safe signs, or even missing your entry and exits. These are all issues Alpha Labs aims to solve with easy to use, powerful decentralized applications.

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alpha sniper bot 

The Alpha Sniper Bot Is an Automatic Sniper Bot that will allow users to snipe and sell tokens automatically with highly advanced functions and simple to use dashboard. Users are required to hold $ALAB to access the bot. 

Set Parameters

Automatically scan and buy tokens that are custom to your set parameters.

Auto Buy

Automatically Snipe tokens that launch with out even looking.

Auto Sell

Automatically sell with a set take profit based on % of gain you set.

Choose Your Block

Avoid getting blacklisted by choosing which block you buy in.


Sell before the rug automatically without worrying.


Never buy a honey pot again with a simple feature.

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